CADAC gas cylinders

We provide a wide range of CADAC gas cylinders to fit your specific power requirements. The CADAC gas cylinders for instance, come in numbers 3,7,10, and 15. It should be noted that the number will indicate the size of the unit. The filling capacity of the unit is displayed at the foot of the cylinder and it should never be overfilled.

CADAC gas cylinders features

• Each unit takes a specific allowable filling for instance the number 7 unit takes 3 kg of LPG gas.
• The units each comes with an external valve with fingertip control.
• CADAC units comply with the highest level of safety standards.
• Our units carry the LGSASA Safe Appliance and SABS approvals.
• The units can be used as cooker tops, heaters, and lamps.
• Each unit comes with a shroud that protects the valve.
• There is a carry handle on the shroud.
• All the units are epoxy powder coated to protect against rust.
• The units come with dust cover plugs to protect the valves.
• There is a two year manufacturing guarantee on the units.
• The units are sold empty.

The units come with product manuals and in addition we provide various guidelines for the caring, storing, and handling of the units on our Product Care page online. The units can be bought nationwide and there are numerous authorized LPG gas dealers in the country where you can refill the units. Should you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us or to visit our site for more information on the CADAC gas cylinders.



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