CADAC User Manuals

The CADAC user manuals have been created to inform users about the procedures for cleaning, operating, and maintaining our products. It should be noted that the manufacturing guarantee will only be applicable if the unit is correctly assembled, handled, stored, and operated according to the instructions in the CADAC user manuals. The guarantees also only apply to equipment and units sold at retail outlets.

In addition to the CADAC user manuals we also provide product care guidelines on our site. Useful tips can be found on site. Our technical department can be contacted via email for assistance should you not understand any of the technical instructions on site and in our manuals.

The manuals can be downloaded from our site in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to open them. The program can be downloaded for free from the Internet. We regularly add new manuals for your convenience:

• Potjiekos Cooker
• CADAC Cooker Model 2800
• Carri Chef 2007
• Mega Host
• Plate Stainless Steel Stove
• Safari Chef HP-2007
• Patio Entertainer range
• Patio Companion range
• Charcoal Mate
• OHMSA Award
• Gas Power
• Grand Supreme
• Various product catalogues

You will see the details of the file size next to the name of the manual which should give an indication of the data transfer size that will take place.
Typical information included:
• Diagram of the unit
• Labels showing each part of the unit
• Full usage instructions
• Assembly instructions
• Voltage/Watt & Gas information
• Safety information
• Cleaning instructions
• Troubleshooting
• Storage guidance
• Fitting and changing parts
• General maintenance
• List of spare parts & accessories with their numbers
• Guarantee and contact details

View our CADAC User Manuals page for downloadable files.


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