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Cadac accessories for braais

Simply have a look at our Cadac accessories page and you will realize that we are serious about convenience, functionality and quality. Some of the kettle braai Cadac accessories are briefly described below.

Hinged Cooking Grid

The hinged cooking grid fits on our 57 cm Charcoal Pro, but will also fit perfectly on other kettle barbeques with the same diameter. It is nickel chrome plated ensuring that it will stay rust free. The cooking grid comes with hinged sides to ensure hassle free charcoal topping up while using the indirect cooking method.

Charcoal Cooking Grid

Should your kettle charcoal cooking grid be lost you can easily replace it with the 47/57 cm charcoal cooking grid. It is also made to withstand corrosion and boasts a robust design.

Round BBQ Griller

Don’t struggle with flimsy round grillers. Get the Cadac round barbeque griller to make the preparation of boerewors and sausages a sheer pleasure. Boasting a robust design and being chrome plated it is corrosion resistant. It is the ideal piece of equipment to use on a camping trip as it goes well with our Compact and Safari Chefs.

Charcoal Rails

Struggling to keep charcoal briquettes in place? No need if you get the Cadac charcoal rails which divides the briquettes securely in place against the sides of your barbeque kettle when applying indirect cooking or roasting. It can easily clip onto the charcoal grate and is heat resistant. It can be used with any 47 cm or 57 kettles.

For pictures and detailed product descriptions visit our Cadac accessories page or contact us for assistance.


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