Cadac Gas Cylinders

Cadac gas cylinders have been part of South African households for more than 60 years and are also now part of many overseas households. Safe operation of the Cadac gas cylinders is promoted. Follow our product care, maintenance, and operation guidelines to ensure that you will get the most from your cylinders and that the safety of you and the people near the cylinders will be guaranteed

All the Cadac gas cylinders come with operation manuals and you will find extensive help about operation and maintenance on our website. We welcome information requests to ensure responsible operation. Our cylinders are both SABS and LGSASA approved confirming the quality and safety of our products. The Cadac gas cylinders have a ten year lifespan if operated correctly and stored properly. The units have been designed to be with stand the occasional bumps that go along with outdoor living and are corrosion resistant. All our products come with manufacturing guarantees.

The units do not only operate with Cadac equipment, but can be used with most other outdoor equipment. Safety valves are included and the information about the weight and gas capacity will always be printed on the cylinders. Ensure that you refill the cylinders at approved LPG dealers only. Also prolong the lifetime of your cylinders through once a year maintenance checks and repairs where needed at the approved LPG dealers or contact us to find the nearest Cadac agent.

We have designed our cylinders to be used with numerous types of equipment. When you browse our site you will find items that operate from several sizes of cylinders. For optimal benefit use the recommended cylinders with the equipment. Contact us today to find a Cadac agent or for information about Cadac gas cylinders.


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