Caravan equipment for the South African environment

Cadac not only manufactures patio living and camping gear, but also makes a wide range of Caravan equipment suitable for the harsh African climate and conditions. One of the essential items for caravanning is the Cadac LPG Gas cylinder that will form the power source for your cooking, lighting, and heating equipment.

Our LPG gas cylinders are manufactured to be safe and carry both the SABS and LPGSASA approvals for safety. Durable and worth the while, the Cadac cylinders will be the core of your caravan equipment. You will for instance, be able to power the Cadac two plate stainless steel camp stove or the stove that comes with your caravan. We also provide a range of gas cartridges which will be rather useful when you take a hiking trip and require a power source for the cooking equipment.

The next piece of caravan equipment that you will want is the Cadac Carri Chef. It comes with five interchangeable surfaces enabling you to prepare from fat free steaks and chicken on the ribbed grill to sausages and eggs on the flat surface. Whether you want to roast, bake, cook, or make a stir fry you will find the Carri Chef extremely versatile. Apart from the above it is also an excellent grill for the lamb chops and other meats. We make a paella pan, pizza stone, and also a potjie pot to complete your cooking ware.

To ensure that the grill can be cleaned without elbow grease we have made a grill scrubber that comes with a sturdy wooden handle and strong bristles. Don’t forget the convenient drip trays which can be used to marinade meats in and whatever you do, don’t leave home without at least one of our cooler boxes or bags.

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