Safety Tips for Usage of Gas Cooking Equipment


The excitement and joy that go with outdoor cooking and living can easily turn into something traumatic if gas cooking equipment is operated and maintained poorly. If used and cared for in the correct manner gas cooking equipment will be safe and the whole barbeque experience will be an absolute pleasure.


Follow the basic guidelines for usage of gas cooking equipment below to ensure the safety of people and property when barbequing:


Proper maintenance should be carried out


You don’t need a degree in gas products to safely use and maintain your product. We provide product care manuals with our gas units and if in doubt you can contact us for assistance. Simple steps such as checking of the hoses and cylinders before operation can prevent accidents. If you have not used the unit for a while always check the gas cylinder. Never refill the cylinder if it has not been checked before. Don’t refill a damaged cylinder at all. Take the cylinder to an approved LPG dealer for repairs or exchange.


Hoses perish over time and as such you should check the hoses every time you use the gas cooking equipment. Also check the regulator and all the connections. If you are not sure whether the unit is still safe to operate contact a gas technician for assistance. Don’t use any other gas than prescribed on the cylinders. Remember that gas can cause toxic fumes if used in a close and not well ventilated area. This in turn can easily lead to an explosion. Always make sure that the area is well ventilated to prevent gas build-up.


Always put an apron on to prevent fats from splashing onto your clothes and only use appropriate barbeque utensils. Always shield the gas cooking equipment from wind as the flame may be blown out and forgotten. This in turn can lead to the risk of leakage and an explosion. Contact us for any assistance with your Cadac gas barbeques and cylinders today.

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