Gas South Africa – Answers to Questions

Some of the gas South Africa questions have been answered below to ensure safe usage of Cadac and other gas South Africa products.

Where can one go to have the Cadac gas South Africa products checked, refilled or maintained?

Many fuel stations provide gas refills as well as hardware and camping stores. Look for the LGSASA sign or enquire from the store owner whether they are approved LPG gas cylinder dealers. Only take your gas equipment to approved LPG gas dealers for checking, maintenance and refilling. You can contact your nearest Cadac agent for assistance or visit the LGSASA website for a list of approved dealers.

How will a person see that a cylinder has been overfilled?

The best way to prevent overfilling is to check the weight after it has been filled. It should not be more than the total sum of the weight of the cylinder and the maximum amount weight for gas allowed. You can check the weight of the cylinder at the foot ring of the unit. Also check what the maximum amount of gas weight should be. Add the two together and you have the correct total weight.

When will a cylinder leak?

Over time with refilling normal wear and tear on the bleeder plug may lead to damage of the seating surface. This will prevent proper sealing and result in gas leakage. It can also be the result of over tightening of the bleeder plugs. Take your cylinder to an approved LPG gas cylinder supplier for regular maintenance to prevent leakages.

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