Stainless Steel Flame Tamer and Gas Cooking


A stainless steel flame tamer is used to distribute evenly over a gas cooker top or other open flame. Because the flame tamer is made of metal, the heat supplied by the flames is uniformly throughout the plate. Although flame tamers come in a variety of materials, stainless steel is considered on of the best as it is highly durable and can take the heat of the flames without warping or being damaged. Any burn marks that might appear due to direct contact with the flames can also be easily washed away on a stainless steel flame tamer. Remember to buy a flame tamer that has wooden handle so as not to cause any burns to your hands when you handle the item.


This is also ideal to use on your gas braai if you find that your meat is burning in some places and not cooking at all in other areas. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available that can fit easily onto any gas braai. It is not advisable to place food or meat directly onto the stainless steel flame tamer as it is not a cooking implement and food will get burnt onto the surface easily. Rather use a pot, pan griddle or grill over the flame tamer to produce the best results. The flame tamer will ensure that your food is also not ruined by coming into direct contact with the fire.


Because the heat is evenly distributed, it is less likely that pots or pans will boil over. You can also place glass items or ceramics directly on top of flame tamer to prevent it from cracking or breaking. This is ideal for cooking food as well as keeping food warm once it is done.


To find a stainless steel flame tamer to fit your gas cooker top or your gas braai, simply contact us for the widest range.

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