A braai is essentially a traditional way of preparing a meal on the open fire. It has evolved to take on many forms since early pioneering days – from a wood fire to the use of charcoal and gas. Today a variety of BBQ shapes and cooking surfaces allows for exciting and innovative methods of meal preparation. It is unquestionably the most enticing, easy and informal way to entertain.

The selection of delicious, enticing recipes featured on our website promise to help make the most of a meal, prepared outdoors or in the kitchen. The CADAC braai range offers a host of cooking options – from a traditional charcoal kettle or iconic CADAC Skottel to non-stick reversible grills, paella pans, potjie pots and traditional gas patio BBQs.

This selection of recipes illustrates an easy way to prepare, enjoy and share a feast of great outdoor

meals with family and friends.



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