Braai Anywhere with Portable Braais

Braai Anywhere with CADAC’s Versatile Range of Portable Braais!

We have so many fantastic places to visit in South Africa, and we certainly do enjoy the outdoors.  Whether it is enjoying a day on the beach or sipping a beer in the garden, South Africans just love to be outside.  One of the main reasons why we spend so much time outside is because of our great weather in this country. Even in winter, the temperatures are often ambient enough to enjoy the great outdoors.  Synonymous with being outdoors in this country is having a braai, and we love to braai anywhere and everywhere.  With certain restrictions in campsites, it is not always possible to make a braai fire on the ground, and portable braais are often used for this purpose. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Caravanning from CADAC

Why Luxury Caravanning is the Cool Thing to Do

There has been an increase in popularity of campsites all over the world, and luxury caravanning, or “glamping” as it is often known, is fast becoming a trend.  No longer is camping or caravanning the domain of the brave and hardy campers only.  It is now also the glamorous ladies who coif their hair and wear make-up, who swan off to camping sites everywhere to enjoy a more luxurious version of the good old caravan holiday.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Perfect Braai – CADAC Equipment

How to Have the Perfect Braai

South Africans all over the world love to braai, and everybody has their own style and choice of braai food.  Everybody seems to have a “braai secret” that makes their braai better than those of others (in their opinions), and often this is up for debate around the fire. There are, however, some fundamentals that remain central to having the perfect braai, and if you know these, your braai will always be good! Read the rest of this entry »

Caravaning Equipment

CADAC Braais and Skottels – The Ideal Additions to Your Caravaning Equipment Collection

In South Africa, camping and caravaning are ways of life. Most South Africans grow up with regular camping trips where family and friends gather in one of the many destinations across the country to enjoy some time getting back to nature and bonding away from the allure of televisions, cellphone reception, and the hustle and bustle of a busy work life. Read the rest of this entry »

CADAC (Gas South Africa)

CADAC – Most Trusted Outdoor Gas Cooking Product Range in South Africa

Do you enjoy spending time with the family outdoors? Do you have a modern braai or is it time to upgrade yours? Where do you turn to and what type of braai is best? Gas braais have certainly been making waves in the industry of late. CADAC is undoubtedly the most trusted gas brand in South Africa, and for good reason! For more than half a century, our brand has been a tried and tested household name when it comes to camping, DIY, and outdoor activities and gatherings. In fact, without CADAC, it is safe to say that many outdoor meals just wouldn’t be the same! Of course, with the electricity crises in South Africa looming, many have also turned to their gas braais, skottels and similar, to assist with a hot meal at the end of a busy day. Read the rest of this entry »

Portable Braai

Why You Should Invest in a CADAC Portable Braai

To braai or not to braai, that is the question! In South Africa, braais are part of our culture and our heritage. It is enjoyed by absolutely every demographic in the country and it is one of the things that brings all South African’s together…so much so that we even have a national holiday specifically set aside to enjoy a braai with our family members and loved ones. If you enjoy a barbeque with family and friends, then you undoubtedly know the value of having a portable braai. Why choose a portable unit over a built-in one? Of course, at CADAC, we recommend that you have both, but the benefits of portable units are undeniable. Read the rest of this entry »

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BBQ and All Things BBQ from CADAC

We Introduce to You All Things BBQ from CADAC

Do you like spending time outdoors with family and friends relaxing and enjoying some time around the braai? In SA, braaiing is like second nature. If you have grown up in the country, you have undoubtedly enjoyed numerous braais as part of your lifestyle – it’s truly South African. If you are looking for the braai experience of a lifetime, invest in a CADAC braai product! This year we bring you all things BBQ from CADAC and we do it with immense pride. The CADAC brand is prospered and grown over the 60 years that it has been available in South Africa. Read the rest of this entry »

Outdoor Gas Products

Outdoor Gas Products Brought to You by CADAC

Enjoying an outdoor meal is part of the culture of true South Africans. As a South African you have probably enjoyed hundreds of braais and gatherings of family and friends where delectable meals are prepared and cooked to perfection on outdoor gas products such as those supplied to the market by CADAC. The CADAC brand is one that has become a household name over the past 60 years. With many improvements introduced to the range over the years, there is every reason to believe that the expanding range has something to offer you. Regardless of what your braai preferences are, CADAC will cater to your needs.

Nothing can quite compare to long warm evenings spent on the patio or in the garden cooking up a storm and listening to the chatter of family and friends. The tradition of braaiing is one that has stood the test of time and hopefully will be with us for many years to come still. Those looking to continue enjoying the true South African lifestyle will want to have good quality braai equipment available to them to ensure that meals are prepared to perfection and that this is done in the most convenient way possible.

Switching from a regular charcoal braai to a gas braai is something that many have chosen to do for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is that of improved health. Gas braais offer the opportunity to cook meals without the added health hazards often created from ash, smoke and coal. Fires can be started up quickly and conveniently without the need for potentially dangerous accelerants. In many cases these accelerants pose a risk of potential burning. Gas braais are safe to use and the heat of the flame can be controlled quite easily.

What makes a gas braai outshine other types of outdoor braais?

A gas braai quite literally provides a kitchen stove, outside. You can save time on waiting for the fire to be the right temperature and can cook your meat and other treats efficiently. With cooking time reduced you will have more time to socialise with your family and friends around the table. You can enjoy a delicious, succulent meal that only a gas cooker can provide. Those looking for ways in which to spice up their braai dishes need only to take a look at a number of recipes which we provide access to on our website. You will find that you can cook a wide variety of dishes on your gas braai.

How easy is it to clean?

Gas braais by CADAC are also designed to be easy to clean – simply wipe them down with a warm, damp cloth. They are corrosion and rust resistant which also means that you can expect for your outdoor braai to last longer than a regular braai. Durability, versatility and value for money all come to mind when thinking about the CADAC range of gas braais. The fact that most of the CADAC braais are designed to be light weight and compact means that they can also be easily transported from one venue to the next. This is very helpful when you need to attend outdoor events or go camping and so on.

If you are shopping around for the best outdoor gas products, support a brand with a wonderful reputation that simply will not let you down. CADAC is a brand that you can rely on and trust. Take the time to browse through our extensive range on our website and feel free to get in touch with us via email or telephone if you wish to find out more or be provided with information on where to purchase the products you are interested in.

CADAC Braai Equipment

Improve Your Braai Experiences with CADAC Braai Equipment

Do you look forward to warm evenings spent around the braai with your favourite people then you will certainly understand the importance of braai equipment that is designed to last. Enjoying an adventurous and outdoor lifestyle requires the right equipment. Spending time outdoors with family and friends just wouldn’t be the same without a selection of CADAC braai equipment. Families all over South Africa have trusted this brand for years. In fact CADAC as a brand is part of nearly every South African’s childhood and adulthood too! The reason why CADAC is the brand to trust is because of the uncompromised product quality and value for money that it has to offer. Those who have purchased CADAC items have certainly made a sound investment. Read the rest of this entry »