What Makes the Perfect Braai?

The perfect braai is a concept that can tend to mean different things to different people. For just about all South Africans, however, it is first and foremost a social occasion.  It is a chance to meet with one’s friends and family in pleasant surroundings; an opportunity for the children to play together and for their parents to catch up with whatever has been happening in each other’s lives since last they met. It is, of course, also a chance to indulge one’s taste buds, and to savour the flavours and aromas of meat cooked over an open flame and in the outdoor air, along with a few glasses of Merlot or a six-pack or two. Read the rest of this entry »

South Africa’s Braai Fans Must Choose Between Wood and Gas

While it may pale in comparison to the long-term implications of selecting a candidate in the upcoming national election, choosing between wood or gas as the preferred fuel for your braai is far from being a simple choice. For those who have always relied on charcoal and the familiar smoky taste that its use imparts, it is not a clear-cut decision but one that, much like choosing the next government, may need some in-depth evaluation.

While it may fail to influence some of the die-hard traditionalists, conducting a comparison of these two options may prove helpful when you are ready to choose. Firstly, and not too surprisingly, given its much simpler construction, a charcoal braai will invariably be the cheaper of the two options. In practice, it is something that one can make from nothing more elaborate than a discarded oil-drum and some means to support it when sawn in half to form a trough-like, fire basket. In practice, it is no longer necessary to own a braai, as disposable units, consisting of a foil tray complete with charcoal that ignites with a single match and a grid are now readily available. These are, however, really only suitable for picnics and small groups.

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5 Tips for a Better Braai Experience

In South Africa, come rain or shine, it is always a good time to enjoy a braai. The charcoal or, more recently, the gas-fired grill is as much a part of the nation’s heritage as Table Mountain, or the Kruger National Park and the iconic “Big 5”.  While everybody loves to braai, there is no doubt that some are better at it than others. For those others, here are a few tips that could help you to compete with the very best

  1. Use a Marinade

There is no doubt that the right marinade can make the meal. Not only will it enhance the flavour of your meat, but it also makes for healthier eating. Their acidity prevents the formation of the carcinogens that we all know are formed when grilling meat over an open flame, but prefer to ignore. Starting with a base of citrus, vinegar, Worcester sauce or beer, you can blend in the herbs and spices of your choice, but be sure to allow at least two hours for your marinade to work its magic. Including a little olive oil adds flavour and will also help to prevent your meat sticking to the grill. Read the rest of this entry »

Gas Products to Keep You Warm

CADAC’s New Range of Versatile Gas Products to Keep You Warm during Winter

In South Africa, we spend a great deal of time outdoors, and our homes are generally geared towards the hotter seasons.  We like our large patios and stoeps where we socialise and braai, but during the winter months, it could provide difficult to keep these spaces warm enough to enjoy.  Load shedding is also a problem and it can be a challenge to keep even the inside of the home at an ambient temperature.  Luckily there are a lot of CADAC gas products to keep you warm during this winter – whether you are indoors or outdoors. Read the rest of this entry »

Winter Camping and Camping Equipment

9 Top Winter Camping Tips Everyone Should Know

South Africans are avid campers, and because the weather in this country is so conducive for most of the year, there is virtually no real season for camping.  It can, however, get very cold in some regions, and winter camping can be challenging at times, but with some savvy and the right camping equipment, it can be a wonderful experience, and enjoying the solitude and peace of being outdoors in the winter can be a joyous encounter.  Here are some tips to keep winter campers happy and comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »

BBQ vs Braai from CADAC

BBQ vs Braai:  The Question Finally Answered!

South Africans everywhere, at some stage, find themselves in a position where they have to explain the difference between a BBQ vs braai to someone – usually someone from a different country.  Americans, Aussies and Englishmen everywhere still perceive the traditional braai to be the same as a BBQ – but this could not be further from the truth!  Read the rest of this entry »

Braai Anywhere with Portable Braais

Braai Anywhere with CADAC’s Versatile Range of Portable Braais!

We have so many fantastic places to visit in South Africa, and we certainly do enjoy the outdoors.  Whether it is enjoying a day on the beach or sipping a beer in the garden, South Africans just love to be outside.  One of the main reasons why we spend so much time outside is because of our great weather in this country. Even in winter, the temperatures are often ambient enough to enjoy the great outdoors.  Synonymous with being outdoors in this country is having a braai, and we love to braai anywhere and everywhere.  With certain restrictions in campsites, it is not always possible to make a braai fire on the ground, and portable braais are often used for this purpose. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Caravanning from CADAC

Why Luxury Caravanning is the Cool Thing to Do

There has been an increase in popularity of campsites all over the world, and luxury caravanning, or “glamping” as it is often known, is fast becoming a trend.  No longer is camping or caravanning the domain of the brave and hardy campers only.  It is now also the glamorous ladies who coif their hair and wear make-up, who swan off to camping sites everywhere to enjoy a more luxurious version of the good old caravan holiday.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Perfect Braai – CADAC Equipment

How to Have the Perfect Braai

South Africans all over the world love to braai, and everybody has their own style and choice of braai food.  Everybody seems to have a “braai secret” that makes their braai better than those of others (in their opinions), and often this is up for debate around the fire. There are, however, some fundamentals that remain central to having the perfect braai, and if you know these, your braai will always be good! Read the rest of this entry »

Caravaning Equipment

CADAC Braais and Skottels – The Ideal Additions to Your Caravaning Equipment Collection

In South Africa, camping and caravaning are ways of life. Most South Africans grow up with regular camping trips where family and friends gather in one of the many destinations across the country to enjoy some time getting back to nature and bonding away from the allure of televisions, cellphone reception, and the hustle and bustle of a busy work life. Read the rest of this entry »