Camping Equipment

South Africa’s First Choice for Quality Camping Equipment

While we may not sell tents, groundsheets or rucksacks, when it comes to outdoor cooking, the foremost name in camping equipment on the South African scene and in most parts of the world has long been that of CADAC. The name under which we have traded for more than 60 years is actually an acronym for Commercial and Domestic Appliance Company. However, we can state with some pride that it is seen by perhaps hundreds of thousands of users worldwide as synonymous with the barbecue and, closer to home, with our three hundred year old tradition of the vleisbraai.

There is no doubt that the major focus of our operation has been the development of grilling equipment for outdoor use and many of our products in this category are designed primarily for domestic use either in the garden, at the poolside or on the patio. From much simpler beginning these have evolved not really as camping equipment but rather as highly sophisticated and versatile outdoor cookers.

In parallel, however, we have also developed not just cooking facilities but also numerous additional products and accessories designed to enhance the living experience of those who prefer to take a vacation under canvas or in the more protected environment of a caravan or holiday chalet. In each of these situations, however, the first requirement is invariably some means with which to prepare food and hot beverages. Thereafter, secondary needs such as light and warmth are equally significant in areas where there is no supply of mains electricity to call upon.

Naturally then, we have responded by developing various items of camping equipment to fulfil all of these functions and more.  We are able to satisfy such requirements with a range of portable units and accessories that make use of liquefied gas.  The latter provides a clean and efficient fuel source that is ideal for both cooking and illumination as well as for space heating purposes.

We offer a choice of double burner stoves, one of which can be fitted with a grill plate if required. In addition there are stove and potjie accessories that may be attached directly to a CADAC gas cylinder. Alternatively one of the multi-purpose models in our compact, portable ‘Chef Range’ comes equipped with a choice of 5 alternative cooking surfaces that provide the away-from-home chef with plenty of choice. Our iconic skottel provides all the camping equipment you need to serve up a full English or some stir fry chicken.

It would be pointless to have all these cooking options without the means to store your food so a selection of insulated cooler bags to guarantee your meat is fresh and your beer cold also features among the many additional accessories that we are able to offer the nation’s campers. There are potjie pots, bread pots and bake pots and though we do supply charcoal braais, our ceramic briquettes provide a cleaner means to re-create that traditional smoky taste with your gas-fired braai.

For those late-at-night outdoor cooking sessions under the stars, there is a handy dual control arm that will allow you to run both a cooker and a gas light from the same cylinder. In fact, CADAC offers South Africans all the camping equipment needed to ensure a great experience.

CADAC Portable Braai

The CADAC Portable Braai for Superb Outdoor Grilling Anytime, Anywhere

CADAC has long been famed for both fixed and portable braai equipment and offers a wide range of models. Originally all units burned charcoal, but we pioneered and now offer a range of convenient gas burning models and even a hybrid unit that is capable of operating with either type of fuel. Most of the outdoor grilling products that we market are equipped with wheels and thus can be moved with relative ease from one part of a home to another. This can be particularly convenient when a summer shower forces the cook to seek shelter on the patio.

While these are generally quite large units fitted with shelves, storage space, hoods and often with 3 or 4 burners, they can be transported and used in more remote locations given a sufficiently large vehicle. The additional options that many of these offer now, as well as their increased capacity could be a valuable addition to a holiday under canvas and provide something of a home-away-from-home although the CADAC range also includes more compact portable braais.

Although lacking wheels, our ‘Chef’ range provides the camper with numerous options and its various models are all of a size that makes their transportation a great deal easier. These gas-fired units are all fitted with tripod supports that will ensure they can be made stable on even the most uneven surface. While these compact products do not offer the multiple burners that are a feature of our ‘Patio’ range, they are certainly not lacking in versatility.

The ‘Safari Chef’, for instance, is offered as either a high or low pressure unit and comes as standard with no less than five alternative cooking surfaces that are readily interchangeable. The collection consists of a reversible non-stick griddle, a pot that doubles as a dome, a BBQ and, of course, a camping stove on which to brew your coffee, make soup or boil eggs. Well, we did say CADAC portable braais were versatile!

Also in the same range are the ‘Outdoor Chef’ and the ‘Grillogas Braai’ each of which offer a choice of cooking surface while it also includes the ever-popular ‘Skottel’ attachment and stem for easy attachment to a gas bottle. The skottel is the perfect answer for campers who may want to start their day with a traditional breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs, to enjoy a pancake feast fit for a king or perhaps to whip up a healthy vegetarian stir fry. All of the above units are simple to dismantle and come complete with a handy carrying bag in which to stack the dissembled parts.

Although not actually braais, CADAC also offers portable cooking equipment that is even more compact as part of our Camping Range. There is a cooker attachment and a potjie cooker that can be attached directly to a cylinder and, in addition, we offer two stoves with twin burners, one made from stainless steel that is just right for caravanners and the other with a tough powder-coated body. For the latter, the addition of a flat or ribbed aluminium grill plate offers an alternative to frying.

Incidentally, given the constant threat of rolling blackouts, this compact CADAC portable braai may even be an invaluable addition for your kitchen.

Gas South Africa

The Importance of Clean-Burning, Versatile Gas in South Africa

Gas is important to South Africa for a number of reasons. To begin with, the discovery of natural sources near our southern shores and the huge reserves available for extraction from shale fields in the Karoo represent, between them, a huge and vital long-term contribution to the nation’s economy. While the cost of liquid and gaseous fuels has risen steadily until it is now on a par with that of electricity, they do have two distinct advantages over generated power.

Firstly, they are highly portable energy sources and can be readily transported to any destination when compressed and/or stored in suitable containers. This makes such fuels the ideal solution for use in providing, heating, lighting and cooking facilities in remote areas where there is no mains power supply. Secondly, when used in direct heating applications, they provide their heat almost instantly and do not exhibit the lag time required by electrical appliances to reach their working temperature.

Natural gas is still available in parts of South Africa where reticulation systems are still in place. In addition, there remains a large contingent of people who still prefer the option of an oven and hob over which they have instant control and who are quite content to install the larger storage cylinder that is required to fuel it.

More significant than either of these applications is the growing tendency among our population to abandon the use of charcoal and briquettes and to replace their role in fuelling the nation’s traditional braai with the far cleaner and more versatile alternative of LPG. While neighbourhoods around the country continue to enjoy the irresistible aroma of grilling steaks, chops and boerewors, in many cases  they are now doing so increasingly without all of the accompanying smoke and ash.

For many years now, gas has been the preferred choice of campers in South Africa and CADAC, their preferred supplier. Scores of our iconic blue cylinders are always to be seen at any of the nation’s campsites and not just for cooking purposes. The same compressed fuel is able to provide both light and warmth when needed with the aid of the appropriate accessories.

This convenient, clean and generally hassle-free means by which to prepare an al fresco feast of succulent grilled meat, chicken or fish has also found favour in the gardens and on the patios of many who once relied on burning wood or charcoal and we have responded with a range of models dedicated to use in the home environment.

For larger gatherings we offer units with multiple burners ignited by a piezoelectric spark each providing instant fine control by means of individual taps. Our range of useful accessories for use with gas braais now offered in South Africa, will serve to open the door to many additional and enjoyable culinary options such as preparing a pizza, some potjiekos or a whole roast chicken. For those who may still believe that there is no substitute for the smoky flavour of charcoal, many of our new units are able to achieve the same effect with the use of re-usable ceramic briquettes and we even have hybrid models that will also support the use of solid fuel. In short, CADAC is the gas fundi in South Africa.

Patio Braais Cleaning Tips

Follow These Handy Tips for Cleaning Your Patio Braais

With just the minimum of effort, patio braais will give you excellent service for many years if you follow the simple cleaning tips in this article. It is also worth noting that this type of care can have a positive effect on more than just the potential lifespan of your outdoor grilling equipment or its outward appearance. In the absence of such care, the usual taste and quality of the food that you expect when cooking with it may also be adversely affected.

Whenever you are grilling meats such as chops, steak or boerewors over an open flame, regardless of whether it is generated by burning charcoal or propane gas, the process will invariably result in their natural fats and juices dripping on to the various surfaces of your equipment. While much of this may be burned away during the actual cooking stage, there is always a residue that will remain once the meal is over and the fire extinguished. In general, the longer that the residue is allowed to remain, the more it will harden and the more difficult the task of removing it will eventually become.

The CADAC range includes stainless steel patio braais which, although more resistant than painted surfaces can, nevertheless, benefit from these cleaning tips. Also popular on the South African stoep, is our compact kettle model, the charcoal Pro 57cm. Made especially for the lovers of traditional smoky flavoured meat, the lid keeps the smoke in and a stainless steel ash bowl catches the ash to protect your outdoor surfaces.. On this model we’ve also used a non-stick, porcelain enamel to coat the cooking grid so it’s a lot easier at clean up time than it was with older models. Having done our level best to ensure that keeping your equipment in good order has been made as simple as possible, it is now only necessary to describe the few simple steps that you will need ensure that you continue to enjoy its benefits for as long as possible.

To best protect your patio braais, perhaps the most useful cleaning tip is to ensure that you do so regularly. The longer the interval that you leave between successive clean ups, the more difficult the task is likely to become and the greater will be the risk of permanent damage to your equipment. When dealt with timeously, the process should be relatively quick one and will require nothing more elaborate than some warm water with mild detergent, a soft cloth and a wire brush.

Pay particular attention to any visible encrustation on the burners as blockages can cause them to burn unevenly. Most of this detritus will generally burn off quite quickly but be sure to wipe away any residual material with the aid of a cloth and the soapy water and be sure to dry off any excess moisture on the surface afterwards. The cooking grill is likely to require a little bit more effort but a quick once over with the wire brush followed, once more by the soap and water treatment should leave it in pristine condition and ready for the next session.

Apart from keeping an eye out for burner blockages, these should be all the cleaning tips needed for patio braais.

Stainless Steel Compact / Portable Braai

The Benefits of a Stainless Steel Compact and Portable Braai

The introduction of more compact and easily portable braais with components made largely of stainless steel has done much to make the process of outdoor grilling a far simpler and quicker one. The bulk of the advantages offered by these versatile units are explained by the fact that most of today’s models are now fuelled by liquid petroleum gas (LPG) rather than wood or charcoal briquettes.

Clearly the single most important benefit of the move to gaseous fuel is that the entire al fresco grilling operation now creates far less mess than was the case with the traditional charcoal burners. This first becomes evident during the actual cooking process. While your briquettes and firelighters will generate clouds of smoke that irritate the eyes and nostrils, a gas-fired burner produces nothing more obtrusive than a barely-visible heat haze.

Furthermore, these smart looking modern units are able to achieve their cooking temperature within just a couple of minutes and are then completely controllable with just a turn of a tap. This means that, given the multiple burners that are typical of a stainless steel compact and portable braai, it is a simple matter to prepare several foods, each of which requires differing cooking temperatures, simultaneously.  Compare these benefits with the long wait while your slow-burning charcoal reaches just the right temperature and then shuffling your chops and chicken breasts between the elusive hot and cold spots that tend to occur over an open fire.

Another valuable bonus that is provided by these units is that the cleaner cooking experience does not end when you switch off. To a large extent the actual burners are self-cleaning, needing only occasional attention, and the use of the stain-resistant metal in their manufacture means that other components should rarely need more than a wipe over with a damp cloth in order to leave them spotless and ready for re-use.

The provision of wheels serves to make even the less compact versions of the stainless steel braai, readily portable. The convenience of cooking with liquid petroleum gas means that you are able to switch the burners off and on again in a matter of seconds and with no appreciable loss of heat. It is therefore a quick and simple task to move both the units and your food quickly from the garden or poolside are to the shelter of a covered patio if a summer downpour should threaten.

Not only do these advanced outdoor grillers offer their owners the option of multiple burners, many are also able to support a choice of surfaces and accessories. These can serve to provide many more interesting and tasty options for the aspiring al fresco chef. These could include a rotisserie on which to prepare a succulent whole chicken, a handy potjie pot to serve up a delicious bredie or even a Teppanyaki plate to transport the taste of Japan’s exotic cuisine to your typically South African stoep.

As undisputed experts in outdoor grilling equipment and the entire vleisbraai experience, CADAC offers the most extensive range of units for both gas and charcoal operation available in the local market. From the earliest box designs to the sophisticated, stainless steel, compact and portable braais of today, we promise perfection.

Storage of Gas Cylinders – Health & Safety

The Storage of Gas Cylinders – Health & Safety Implications

Whether as a result of the seasonal weather or the need to carry spares, the storage of gas cylinders should be undertaken with due regard to any possible health and safety risks that could threaten life or property. It will pay all those who use them never to lose sight of the fact that these containers are filled with a highly inflammable compound at a pressure that is sufficient to liquefy it. This pressure remains constant irrespective of how much of its contents remain. When stored with care, they are no threat but, when they are housed under the wrong conditions, they could present a serious risk of explosion, fire or both.

Any matric science pupil will be quick to tell you that when one Increases the temperature of a liquid while keeping its volume constant this will act to increase its pressure. It is for this reason that it is so important to ensure that compounds such as LPG, that are maintained under high pressures, are kept in cool, dry places. This, of course, means that they should never be left in direct sunlight, near other flammable materials or in close proximity to any appliance or device that may tend to generate excess heat when in operation.

For the safe storage of gas cylinders they should be accommodated outside of the home where they present less risk to health and safety. This is especially true of the larger units that are used to operate fixed appliance such as domestic ovens and heating. Regardless of their function they are best located in the South side of a property away from the sun. Though these containers are very tough they are not indestructible and can be damaged by physical impact. This means that they require careful handling and should always be oriented in an upright position so that they cannot roll freely and only on level surfaces where there is no danger that they could topple over.

Little hands are apt to become attracted to things that appear interesting and so it is strongly advisable to place you stored bottles under lock and key. Hardware stores will often stock a cage-like structure that is ideal for this type of purpose and a stout padlock should render it totally childproof.

As part of your health and safety routine, you need to make sure that after refilling, the dust protection plug provided by your garage or depot remains in place until they are to be used. This is equally as important when storing them after use as, when exposed to the elements, the threads may become rusty and ill-fitting allowing your LPG to leak from the connection.

How you care for these containers is as important as how you store them. CADAC bottles have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and will display the date of manufacture on the foot-ring. However, it is important to inspect them regularly for any evidence of damage such as dents. The valve and seal will also need checking and it’s a good idea to ask a registered gas filler to give it a thorough inspection at the start of the season to ensure your health and safety following storage of gas cylinders.

Why Do So Many South Africans Invest in Portable Cadac Braais?

Portable Cadac BraaisWhen defining just why so many South Africans invest in portable braais one should perhaps start by taking a look at the prevailing climatic conditions in our country. Unlike the case in most European countries, the seasons are far less defined and, in most regions, sunshine is something enjoyed to quite a significant degree during all of them including the so-called winter months. Generally speaking our homes are designed to allow the internal environment to meld naturally with the outdoors, often via an open stoep. This, in turn, allows us the natural freedom to utilise both in pursuit of our lifestyle.

In fact, outdoor living is as much a part of our culture today as it was when our forefathers traversed the country in search of new lands and new prospects, stopping to prepare and share their traditional meals prepared over open fires where and when they were required. Even today, we remain as attracted to exploring the forest, the veldt and the country’s many rivers as we are to enjoying a barbecued steak or chop and a cold beer by the swimming pool.

While this may go some way towards explaining why it is that so many South Africans now choose to invest in portable braais, it is certainly not the whole story. Cadac is a leading designer and manufacturer of the outdoor and indoor grilling equipment that the rest of the world terms a barbecue while locals of all races refer to it by its Afrikaans name. For more than 60 years now, our products have been an integral part of the nation’s family life and there can be few homes in which at least one blue cylinder of liquid petroleum gas, a skottel or a charcoal burner with our brand name on it will not be found.

The explanation is that our products are designed to be used and enjoyed anywhere and by everyone. Elegant and efficient designs, simple in use and offering consistently reliable results are what makes it easy to pack up and go wherever you wish and yet know that you can enjoy a steak, a chop or some grilled boerewors grilled to perfection whether with the family at the bottom of your garden or deep in the bushveld with your buddies.  Compact units, easily erected and ready for use in no time at all means that preparing a meal far from home requires no more effort than it would in your kitchen. That’s one very good reason why so many South Africans do tend to invest in portable braais. The introduction of gas-fired units that has made the need to carry bulky charcoal briquettes or gather wood unnecessary is another,

Of course this ease of portability may still prove to be an important feature of an outdoor grill even for those who may be disinclined to travel quite so far. Even in your own home, the convenience of a unit that may be wheeled or carried in a minute or two and with very little effort from the garden to the shelter of the stoep, in the event of an unexpected shower is undeniable. Given just the few advantages listed here, it becomes clear why so many South Africans invest in portable Cadac braais.

Cadac’s Tips on Keeping Your South African Gas Braai Clean throughout the Year

Many South Africans now choose to enjoy their outdoor cooking with gas and so a few tips on keeping your South African gas braai clean throughout the year may be of value. While one of the reasons that so many choose these robust grillers is that they offer a far cleaner cooking experience, it has to be said that, this will only remain true if their owners take the necessary steps to ensure that they remain fully efficient.

Of course, grilling with an LPG powered unit will not result in all of the smoke and the ashes that are the inescapable by-products of cooking a meal over a charcoal fire. In addition, one cannot deny that the entire cooking process is quite certain to be completed in far less time when using one of these newer-devices than when required to rely upon its more traditional precursor. Nevertheless, regardless of the fuel, subjecting any piece of meat to heat will result in the release of natural oils and fats that will drip on to the heat source. In the case of coals, they will be consumed and, when cared for properly, a typical LPG burner should not normally be adversely affected.

Of all the tips on keeping your South African gas braai clean throughout the year, never leaving it dirty for prolonged periods after use is perhaps the most important. The most trusted of the nation’s outdoor grilling equipment is that produced by Cadac. These units have long been a household name among those who enjoy our traditional lifestyle and the iconic blue cylinders have become as much a part of that lifestyle as boerewors and cold beer. A skottel can make great bacon and eggs but to get the best from a steak or a chop it needs to experience the baked flame. Inevitably, this means grease on the burners and the grill and a possible problem if it’s not dealt with before the next time you need to use it.

Initially, the simple act of re-igniting the burners should burn off any grease and particles stuck on the grill mesh and this should be finished off with a damp cloth as a routine measure. At regular intervals it is necessary to remove the grid and clean the protective barriers that are positioned above each of the burners. At least once a year, or if you notice your flame is burning irregularly, one of the best tips on keeping your South African gas braai clean throughout the year  is  to clean out the holes with a wire brush and all of the component parts with soapy water. If this does not do the trick, you may need to buy one or more new burners.

It has become a practice for some users to insert lava rocks or ceramic briquettes as a barrier above the burners in order to add a smoky flavour. These too will require regular cleaning. If they become very badly encrusted, this can spoil the taste and so it will be best to replace them. As the last of the tips on keeping your South African gas braai clean throughout the year, before re-use let it heat a while to burn off any residual soap.

Camping and Hiking Equipment for Sale

Camping and Hiking Equipment Well-known around South Africa for its distinctive gas and charcoal grillers, Cadac actually has a great deal more to offer the adventurous from our extensive range of top quality camping and hiking equipment for sale. While a dedicated survivalist might prefer to gather kindling and start an open fire by rubbing a pair of sticks together and trap something for supper, most of those who choose to venture into the great outdoors are in search of a somewhat less demanding experience. They want the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere but they also want access to some of the more useful comforts of home.

There is no doubt that an al fresco meal has an almost universal appeal. However, once venturing beyond the convenience of the poolside and garden, it can often be more difficult to reproduce the quality outdoor dining experience that is typical of the South African family braai. To ensure that such a feat is, in fact feasible, we at Cadac have striven to fashion the specialised products and accessories with which to transform a humble campfire meal into a flavoursome outdoor feast as well as to enjoy it in comfort.

Among the many useful items in the camping and hiking equipment that we offer for sale are a bread pot, a bake pot and a choice of traditional potjies. Armed with these you can extend you culinary repertoire beyond belief. Even though you may be out in the bundu, 100km or more from the nearest convenience store, you could, for instance, enjoy the taste and aroma of fresh bread daily rather than trying in vain to prevent that ready-sliced convenience loaf from becoming steadily more desiccated.

Instead of grilled meat day after day, you could ring the changes with a few veggies and some spices by consigning your lamb chops to a potjie pot and serving up a slow cooked bredie instead. Given the convenience of the bake pot, and the patience to wait a little longer, a succulent pot-roast could prove to be a welcome change from the ritual T-bones.

Adventurers cannot live by bread or even meat alone so it is as well that the Cadac range of camping and hiking equipment for sale includes cooler boxes and ice bricks. Sure you will need one to keep the meat fresh, but, just as important is the means to ensure that your favourite Lager or Chardonnay remains chilled to perfection till you’re ready for it. There’s something to suit all needs in the tough, moulded polyurethane range which includes models with capacities of 15, 25, 45 and 75 litres. Lighter in weight and, specifically designed for 6, 12, 24 or 36 cans, are models with superior insulation that is designed to keep drinks cool for around twice as long as a normal cooler bag.

Great meals and cold drinks apart, Cadac has catered for your comfort also. To take the edge off the occasional chilly night there is the handy SAFIRE heater, while a deluxe armchair offers the means to take the weight off after a long spell on your feet. When you are ready to relax with a book, the Cadac Eazi Lite or Ultra Light is also among our camping and hiking equipment for sale.

All You Will Need For the Perfect Braai

braaiThe concept of the perfect braai applies not just to the occasion itself but also to the equipment that is used in order to produce those tender, sizzling steaks and succulent, spiced worsies that comprise South Africa’s favourite outdoor fare.  While those native to other nations may boast of their barbies or barbeques, the local version of this meat fest is as unique as the Afrikaans name by which we all know it. So too are the sosaties, skilpadjies, Karoo lamb chops, metre-long Free State boerewors, mielie pap and pot brood whose seductive aromas pervade our suburbs, on evenings and weekends throughout the summer months and long beyond.

Every bit as much a part of this iconic image, is the name of Cadac; a manufacturer that has been providing the nation with the means to indulge our appetite for alfresco cooking for no less than sixty years. During those intervening years much has changed and not the least of those changes has been the astronomical increase in the price of meat. The culture of “just turn up and we’ll supply the graze” has long since been replaced by that of the “bring and braai” but, happily, this has done little to diminish our enjoyment.

Today, the perfect braai remains as much an ideal occasion on which to reaffirm friendships and experience the joy of camaraderie as ever it was, despite the diminished capacity of many to extend the generosity typical of more affluent times. While to those from beyond our shores, these gatherings could easily be seen as overtly sexist in nature, tradition has it that the role of the outdoor chef should fall to the male of the species.

As a consequence, the men present at these events will normally gather around the fire, taking turns to check on the meat and exchange views about the recent performance of their favourite rugby team while downing copious quantities of cold beer.  In the meantime the wives and sweethearts will usually congregate in the kitchen and busy themselves with the preparation of numerous tasty salads and side dishes that will serve to complement the grilled meat and, of course, will also enjoy a glass of wine and some of the latest gossip in the process.

In 2013, just as for much of the previous century, the name of Cadac remains associated with the perfect braai. Along with the price of meat, our products have also changed becoming more sophisticated and, in particular, offering our clients far more choice than when we first entered this specialised field. Six decades ago, the bulk of the nation’s barbeques were charcoal fired although the outdoor gas grill made its debut in Chicago during the early ‘50s. Since then we have continued to support both the traditional charcoal burners and the newer gas-fired products, taking both to new heights both in terms of their greatly expanded versatility and their elegant modern styling.

The skottel probably remains one of the most iconic Cadac products and a firm favourite amongst locals. Despite its fundamental simplicity, innovative modifications have now added the scope to pursue far more adventurous dishes. In addition, the introduction of ceramic briquettes has served to restore much of that traditional flame-grilled flavour that many still claim is the essence of the perfect braai.