Outdoor Gas Products and Accessories

Enjoy Nature This Summer with Quality Outdoor Gas Products and Accessories

South Africans enjoy camping, going on walking trails, and having picnics and braais. It is in our culture to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that our country has to offer. So what better way to do just that than with a fully stocked arsenal of some of the best quality outdoor gas products and accessories?

What are some of the popular products coveted by South African outdoor enthusiasts these days? Let’s take a closer look. Read the rest of this entry »

BBQ and Braais from CADAC

Time Tested Tips for Cleaning Your BBQ and BraaisGrills

Regularly taking the time to clean your BBQ and braais will help ensure that they perform at top level for many years, and that you receive the very best value for your money. Frequent cleaning also keeps your tasty braai food from having a burnt or strange taste. Many people are under the misconception that it is okay to leave their BBQ and braais dirty after use, and only clean it when they are ready to use it again.

Taking this approach actually makes the clean-up process even more difficult and time consuming. It also goes a long way towards decreasing the lifespan of your braai. So how do you clean your BBQ and braais to make sure that you get the best value for your money? After each use, allow the grill to cool until it is only warm to the touch. Using a wire brush, scrape off all the build-up that has accumulated on the grates. It is best to check the user manual in this regard for specific cleaning requirements. Read the rest of this entry »

Gas Burners from CADAC

What is the Allure behind Gas Burners?

There are many reasons why millions of South Africans choose gas burners when camping, or when simply cooking outdoors. But what is its appeal? Undoubtedly part of the attraction of cooking on gas burners is that it offers accurate cooking temperatures. You are in control of the temperature at all times, unlike with other cooking methods.

Gas burners tend to provide heat that is more closely suited to recommended heating requirements in most recipes. Since a gas flame can instantly be turned up or down with the mere turn of a dial, the heat that is transmitted to the cookware also changes right away. This increased accuracy allows for greater freedom to try your hand at tricky recipes. Read the rest of this entry »

CADAC Braai Accessories | CADAC

CADAC Braai Accessories That You Actually Need

Many of us like to think of ourselves as braai experts, but when we are being honest, how many burnt fingertips have we all suffered because we attempted to perform an activity that we did not have the correct braai accessories for? Thanks to the extensive range of great quality CADAC braai accessories, burnt fingertips are a thing of the past. Leave the grilling to the meat and veggies, and save a finger every time you whip out the braai.

To become the greatest braai chef and live up to your full potential, you have to have all of the devices and accessories at your disposal to pull off a tasty braai feast. Here are a few great ideas for braai accessories from our CADAC range that will help you release your inner chef, and pull off a successful and tasty braai, every time. Read the rest of this entry »

Gas Products South Africa

Choose the Best Gas Cylinders and Products in South Africa

At CADAC, we have been part of the South African camping and gas industries for more than half a century. Our company stands for quality, value and reliability. Thanks to our continued dedication to excellence, our brand has grown to become a leader in barbeque, camping equipment and gas in South Africa.

We are proud of the fact that our products come with various manufacturing guarantees, while also fully adhering to quality standards of manufacturing and safety. Our gas cylinders in South Africa also carry quality control approvals, to ensure that our customers only receive the very best quality products available on the market. Read the rest of this entry »

Portable Braai

Why a Portable Braai is a Great Option for the Travelling Barbecue Enthusiast

Let’s face it, South Africans like to camp. Add a braai to the mix, and you have the perfect South African ambience for a great time. Even if you do not camp often, you can still take your portable braai with you on your outdoor hiking and fishing holidays. Why is a portable braai the best solution for outdoor barbecuing? Let’s take a look at the many great advantages that it has to offer.

Firstly, a braai used for outdoor barbecuing needs to be lightweight, small and portable, thereby making it easy to transport. Ideally, you should be able to disassemble your braai to make it even more mobile, or make it foldable, so that it can carry more easily. For even more convenience, a portable braai should come with a stand set on wheels, to make the unit even more mobile. Read the rest of this entry »

Gas Braai Accessories

Gas Braai Accessories to Make Your Outdoor Cooking Even Better

If you are planning an occasion or braai and want to impress your guests, you will need to make sure that you have the all of your best gas braai accessories available for the event.  When it comes to being the best braai master, make sure that all of your accessories are made from stainless steel. Why? This will ensure that these items do not fall victim to rust and corrosion. Also, if you want to ensure that your hands do not get burned, make sure that your accessory handles are made from wood.

The CADAC range of braai accessories is designed to not only be comfortable to work with, but to be functional and long lasting too. Have some gas braai recipes available and do not be afraid to try out something new! At CADAC, we have designed our equipment to be able to cook just about anything that your heart desires, and you can even find a number of great recipes and braai tips available on our website.

It is that time of year again where everyone is taking to their porch or veranda to enjoy a leisurely barbeque and spend some quality time with family and friends. While you might be comfortable with your guests, it is always good to have utensils and equipment that are clean and in a good condition. At CADAC, we stock a wide range of braai equipment and accessories that will help you to host your guests successfully and cook a meal that will leave them wanting more. Whether you are looking for new accessories, merely upgrading or replacing items that you have – the CADAC range will have you spoiled for choice. Read the rest of this entry »

Portable Braai

Why so Many South Africans Love the Portable Braai

In South Africa, we are privileged with warm and sunny conditions for most parts of the year, and this means that we are not confined to our houses during the cooler months of the year. Our seasons are much less clearly defined as they are in other countries and while sunshine abounds, so does the need for a portable braai. Many homes in the country have a porch or veranda attached, which makes for the perfect spot to set up your braai, come rain or shine. Let’s face it; most South African’s simply love to be outdoors and the convenience that a portable unit offers is simply ideal.

South African culture has really embraced the various opportunities to enjoy a warm meal and a cold beverage outside on the patio or by the pool. The “braai area” is largely our nation’s entertainment area and all you really need to do is add a few family members and friends to make the occasion memorable. While these are certainly great reasons why so many in the country invest in a portable braai, there’s more. CADAC, a leading manufacturer of outdoor and indoor grilling equipment, has been presenting the market with a range of the highest quality braai equipment and accessories for over 60 years. It is safe to say that most homes in South Africa have at least one CADAC branded item, as it has become a family name and trusted brand over the years. Read the rest of this entry »

CADAC Camping Equipment

Choose CADAC Camping Equipment for a Fun Outdoor Camping Experience

There is no denying the fact that CADAC camping equipment makes the outdoor lifestyle more convenient and comfortable. This range of equipment is designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts to make the most of their surroundings and has been doing so in excess of 60 years. When taking a closer look at the history of our brand, you will find that through innovative design, new product development and constantly striving to meet with the changing needs of the market, CADAC has earned the trust and respect of a vast majority of the population.

Nothing can quite beat the feeling of arriving at your camping site and knowing that you have precisely what you need to make your stay comfortable and worthwhile. It can be quite frustrating to find that you are camping without cooking accessories or lights, and this is why CADAC has developed its range to cater to a wide variety of needs. Each product on the camping range is durable and designed to last.

The range of camping equipment offered by CADAC is quite extensive and caters to both first time campers and those who have extensive outdoor experience. The following products are available: Read the rest of this entry »

Gas Braai Accessories

Find a Range of Great Gas Braai Accessories at CADAC

Summer is almost upon us and many are starting to get excited about packing jerseys away and spending more time outdoors. A large part of South African culture and lifestyle includes that of the ever popular braai, and if you want to make sure that you are well-prepared for the festivities and even long hours of outdoor relaxation, the time to invest in a gas braai is now. Also, do not forget to invest in some great gas braai accessories to make your outdoor cooking experience even more convenient.

Why choose a gas braai over a regular braai? The answer is simple – regular braais can be dirty and messy, whereas gas braais have presented the opportunity to enjoy cooking outdoors, without having to rough it too much. You will not stain your clothes and you will not need to keep fuelling the fire to keep it going – simply set everything up and cook as if you are inside your own kitchen. Those who make use of a gas braai are certainly opting for the healthier alternative, as there will be no harmful chemicals floating around or permeating the food. Without the fire starting chemicals and many hours of burning wood, you will certainly be doing your bit for the environment, while still enjoying the braaiing experience. Read the rest of this entry »