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The New And Improved Skottel Braai And Accessories

The skottel braai is the ideal equipment to cook food outdoors in alternate ways. The skottel pan attachment can simply be joined to a gas cylinder using the stem that will come along with your purchase. The new and improved skottel braai can be used in conjunction with a range of new accessories that can be placed on the skottel attachment. One of the best of these accessories is the paella pan. Don’t just use this accessory to cook paella though, experiment with different types of recipes and food items that can be cooked on this pan.

The dome lid accessory for the skottel braai will also allow you to add variety to your outdoor cooking methods. Foods that are slow to cook and were not formally suitable for the skottel braai can now be done to perfection with the use of the lid. Once you have invested in the dome lid for your skottel braai, consider purchasing the chef roasting. Not only is this ideal for cooking larger meat items such as chickens, roast meat cuts and even turkey, but can successfully be used to roast veggies and potatoes.

The BBQ top and grill plate will further improve the way that you cook more traditional braai items such as steak, chops and boerewors. The BBQ top and grill plate accessory allows the heat to be distributed evenly over the surface allowing your food to cook faster without becoming dried out or burnt. In addition you should invest in the skottel braai bag. The bag will make transporting and carrying your skottel braai accessories much more convenient while providing these items with a measure of protection when not in use.

To get a list of accessories that you will be able to acquire when you purchase the new and improved skottel braai, you can simply contact us.

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